Arenas edit form


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This form contains several tabs:


Arena information



Alows to review and edit games in arena



  • Edit - edit selected game or reservation. Game edit form is shown on right.
  • Delete - delete selected game or reservation.
  • Reserve - possibility to create reserved time, so no one can put any games there.
  • Date picker - select a date to show games, grid shows +/-3 days of selected date (one week in overal). Possible to switch one week back/further.
  • Arena selector - can change arena. If game is passed to arena games, only host team's arenas are shown.


Game edit form

Shown when clicked on game. Click on any free slot on grid changes date and time to selected ones. Form elements:

  • Date - date of the game, changing date, changes date in date picker in toolbar and refreshes grid.
  • Time - time of the game.
  • Host team - can change host team of the game. Host team can edit, scout games assigned to them.

Click on free slot, puts time of this slot to game edit form.

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