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Widget is used to display all games of one season in one league.

  • If tabbed mode is used (when "results" and "schedule" tabs are shown), default tab is set according to the following rules:
    • Schedule tab - if there are scheduled games for the season. Scheduled games are selected by date in this widget - any future game will be considered as scheduled, and any past game (even without score) will not be taken into account.
    • Results tab otherwise.


Widget name:

Name Description Values Default Required
game_days Show or hide game day number in widget 0/1 0 No
game_sort_order Set game sorting order:
1. Game date, time
2. Date, arena name, time
3. Game day, time
1/2/3 1 No

Scheduled games and played games are shown in one list.

0/1 0 No

Show results tab by default. If there are no games with results, show schedule tab.

0/1 0 No

Show city of referee and commissioner in statless game card.

0/1 0 No

Shwo headers of the table

0/1 0 No

Depth of groups hierarchy to display in group selector

Int 1 No

Usage example

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