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This widget is used to provide detailed standings tables of one league.



Name Description Values Default Required
league_id Sets league for the widget. Integer Yes if season_id not set
seaosn_id Sets season for the widget. Integer Yes if league_id not set
full_standings_link_visible Show/hide link to full standings. 0/1 1 No
full_standings_link_type Sets the type of link for full standings. One constant from link type enumeration No
full_standings_link_handler Name of javascript function which is responsible for handling full standings link clicks. function handler(). JavaScript function name No
compact_mode Widget compact mode shows only one first level group with all subgroups and lets to select other first level groups from dropdown. 0/1 0 No
show_long_names Enables the widget to show long name of teams. 0/1 0 No
show_last5 Shows column with win ratio of last 5 games. 0/1 1 No
show_last10 Shows column with win ratio of last 10 games. 0/1 1 No
show_streak Shows streak column. 0/1 1 No
show_home_streak Shows column with winning/losing streak at home. 0/1 1 No
show_away_streak Shows column with winning/losing streak in away games. 0/1 1 No
show_cg Shows close game column. 0/1 1 No
show_home_ppg Shows home PPG/OPPG columns. 0/1 1 No
show_away_ppg Shows away PPG/OPPG columns. 0/1 1 No
show_home_wl Show home W/L columns. 0/1 1 No
show_away_wl Show away W/L columns. 0/1 1 No
team_id Specifies the team marked in standings Integer No
hide_other_groups Hides the groups in which the selected team is not present 0/1 0 No
show_position_changes Mode of showing position changes of team standings.
  • always - always show position changes
  • never - never show position changes
  • when_has_future_games - position changes are shown when there are future games in group available
always No

For this widget general widget parameters also apply.

Usage example

<div id="standings"></div>
<script type="text/javascript">
	var request = new MBT.API.Widgets.RenderRequest();
	var widget = new MBT.API.Widgets.Widget(); 
	widget.setParam("team_link_visible", 1); 
	widget.setParam("game_link_visible", 1); 
	widget.setParam("player_link_visible", 1);
	widget.setParam("team_link_type", MBT.API.NAVIGATION_TYPE_CUSTOM); 
	widget.setParam("game_link_type", MBT.API.NAVIGATION_TYPE_CUSTOM); 
	widget.setParam("player_link_type", MBT.API.NAVIGATION_TYPE_CUSTOM);
	widget.setParam("team_link_handler", "handleTeamClick"); 
	widget.setParam("game_link_handler", "handleGameClick"); 
	widget.setParam("player_link_handler", "handlePlayerClick");
	widget.setParam("season_id", WIDGET_SEASON_ID);

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