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This interface is opened when clicked on group in competition tree.



This is interface where games in groups can be managed. To edit game's inoformation double click on it or select the game and then click "Edit" in toolbar.


  • Add -
  • Edit -
  • Delete -
  • Change visibility -
  • Change state - two states - Opened and Closed. Opened state lets team contact to change game information freely, while Closed state restricts team contact from editing certain game information (date, time, arena) without admin permission. Score editing and protocol upload can be done by team contact to games of any state.
  • Generate schedule - opens Schedule generator.
  • Renumber - Renumber all games in group starting from the number set. Starting number may be in format 001. Games are renumbered according to date, if date is not set games are renumbered according to game day.
  • Export -
  • Print -
  • Show all games (bottom toolbar) - shows all games on the list. This make easier to delete all games, change state or visibility.


  • Game number -
  • Game day -
  • Time - has link "Stats" used to work with statistics of the game
  • Home team -
  • Away team -
  • Arena -
  • Score - score of the game. Games with protocols have scores displayed in grey. Games with verified protocols (Verified flag in protocol edit form) have scores displayed in bold.
  • Live - if enabled, game is shown in Live pages when "Start of game" button is clicked in SmartStats. Enabling "Live" will automaticaly enable "Scoutable". Not visible if at least one of the game teams is virtual.
  • Scoutable - if enabled operator can connect to game using SmartStats. Disabling "Scoutable" will automaticaly disable "Live". Not visible if at least one of the game teams is virtual.
  • Status -

Sorting games

Games can be sorted by:

  • Game day - sorted as numbers. If game number has letters at the begining of game number, then game numbers are sorted by letters then by numbers, e.g. B5 will be higher then B12.

If games are sorted by any category, eacg mathing groups is soterd by time then.

Working with statistics of the game

Game statistics is managed by clicking on "Stats" link near game there are few options to use.

Edit statistics

This option shows protocol edit form of the active protocol. Active protocol can be seen in #View all protocols dialog.

Import from NAS

Upload log file

Log files scouted in online mode or created in BH admin contain player IDs. During import, players are mapped by their IDs. If there is no such player in team roster on the game date, log file upload is blocked and error message containing unmapped player shown. This is implemented to minimize the chance of mistake of uploading log file to wrong game.

Log files created in offline mode do not contain player IDs. Players are mapped by names and surnames in this case. If player cannot be mapped or there are several players with the same name and surname, mapping interface is shown. User can select correct players from the list and finish uploading log file.

User should know these two cases if edits log file by hand. If user accidentally or on purpose enters player ID, log file upload might be unsuccessful.

If the game contains no active protocol, uploaded one is set as active automatically. In the other case active protocol is not changed.

Create empty protocol

View all protocols

Opens list of all protocols of particular game. Active protocol may be changed here.

Create log file

Creates new log file with rosters of both teams. This is useful when games are scouted offline and statistics is uploaded after the game, because operator does not have to enter names of all players and resolves typing mistakes, which makes statistics upload more complex.

Protocol edit form

Group information

Used to edit properties of the group. Consists of thse form elements:

  • Name - name of the group, dislayed in BasketHotel interfaces and widgets.
  • Type - group type
    • R - round robin where standings are calculated.
    • B - playoff bracket group.
  • Finals/bronze/semifinals/quarterfinals/eightfinals/a-b places winner calculation - sets how winners are determined in playoff pair, this does not enfoce any automatic calculation rules, just specifies how pair should be shown in Short playoffs widget.
    • Diff - shows score difference and accumulated score from games in pair, e.g. +20 (200:180)
    • Series - shows series result of the pair, e.g. 1:2
    • Results - shows all results of game in pair, e.g. 105:98, 99:78
  • Competition level - this is used when nominating referees, competiion level defined minimum and recomended referee class.
  • Start date - used for sorting of groups in widgets and define start of group for BasketVoice. If this is not set of group dates are identical, groups are sorted by names.
  • End date - used to define the end of group for BasketVoice.
  • Visible standings - show/hide this group in standings.
  • Notes - these notes will be shown in Full schedule and results widget when selected the group from from filter.
  • Allow games between groups - allows to create game belonging to several groups by letting to select any team from season in game form. Game is added to several groups if game teams are from different groups and groups have same parent group.
  • Visible standings - show standings of the group in widgets.


Here one can edit standings of the group.

  • Standings separators - add vertical line in standings widget after checked position. Can be used to separate teams that will go to next round from those who will drop out.

Standings rules

Team with technical loss always goes down in tie-breakers.

Edit scdedule

This interface alows to edit many games at once. Simply click on field you want to edit.



  • Save - save all changes.
  • Generate times - generate game times. See Time generator for more information.
  • Arena games - opens arena games interface


Grid columns:

  • No - game number, may include numbers and letters.
  • Game day - game day (round).
  • Date from/Date to - possible to set time range when game must be played. This information is shown in widgets if exact date is not set.
  • Date - game date.
  • Time - game time.
  • Home team - select home team, also possible to type in free text here, in this case this text will be shown instead of home team in BasketHotel and widgets.
  • Away team - select away team, also possible to type in free text here, in this case this text will be shown instead of away team in BasketHotel and widgets.
  • Arena - select arena for the game.
  • Team host - select host team for them. Host team will be able to control data and statistics for the game.
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