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This interface is shown when clicked on league in competition tree or creating new league.

  • Name - name of the league.
  • Gender - gender of league players.
  • Number of referees assigned - used by Nominators, limits the number of referees they can nominate for the league.
  • Region - country region where league is played. Do not select any region ta make league "national".
  • Competition number - number of competition. This number is attached to every game number in this competition.
  • Logo - logo of the league, currently used only in BasketBuddy application.
  • Competition level - assigned competition level.
  • Age group - age group of the league.
  • Nomination sales allowed - allows the referees to sell their nominations to other referees.
  • Prefer referees from same region - when nominating referees, referees from leagues region is on top of the list.
  • Number of hours referees are not available for other games - when referee is nominated, he is not availible for other games configured number of minutes from the start of nominated game.
  • Allow nomination reject - allows for referees to reject the nominations.
  • Allow multiple games per day for team - allows for same team to play more then once per game.
  • Time span before the game start - time reserved for game before it's start (in minutes).
  • Time span after the game - time reserved for game after game start (in minutes).
  • Reserved team time to travel to another arena since game start (minutes) - minimal time span between games of sinlge team.
  • Accept game scores by SMS - enables SMS service to send game scores. This feature needs integration woth local SMS provider. Contact MBT for more details.
  • Sort index (0-255) - sort index of the league. The lower the index the higher league is displayed in League selector widget. If the league index is not set it is sorted by alphabet.
  • Active season for admin - override active global season for this league in some admin parts: game lists for nominators, team contacts.
  • Active season for widgets - override active global season for this league in some widgets: Referees and host teams, Front page widget, All league schedule and results widget.
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