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Used to view and assign nominations.

Nomination status filter

This filter is used to filter nominations by status.


Click on status to filter. Possible to filter by several statuses.

Expanded filter

Expanded filter is shown when clicked on "Expand filter" icon near quick search:


Filter view:



  • Date - filter games by date, default - whole season.
  • Teams - filter by team.
  • Competition level - filter by competition level of the games.
  • Date - filter games by date, default - whole season.
  • League - filter by leagues, possible to select several leagues.
  • Arena - filter by arenas, possible to select several arenas.

Game list


Click on "assign" link to start nominating, you can click on several "assign" links to assign selected referee to those games. Select a referee from the box on the right to assign him/her to selected games. In "Available" tab referees are shown which do not have unavailabilities in any of selected games and are with high enouth category in all selected games.

Click on "sell" link to put the game on sales list, where referees can assign themselves for refereeing.

  • Date -
  • Teams -
  • Arena -
  • Referees -
  • Actions -
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