Referee reports


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There are several reports to select from:




This reports shows how many times referees has been assigned for particular teams in competition. The report includes unpublished games also (nominator can see games in the report, but referees can't see those games yet, usefull, when planning nominations). Reports-referees-rt.jpg


  • Competition - must be selected to show report.
  • Season - current season is selected by default.
  • Date from/Date to - can select a date range for report, default: whole season.
  • Peak - if number of referee's games for particular team is more or equel to peak, it is marked red in report (helps to find abnormal nominating cases)


Referees are listed on the left of the grid. Referees who have at least one game in league are shown.

Teams participating in league are listed on top of the grid. Last column: total games for each referee in selected league.

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