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Widget shows all games of all leagues and assigned referees/host teams for those games. Can be used to show nominated games for referees and teams.



Name Description Values Default Required
global_season_id This widget always works in global season scope. If global season is not provided, current global season is taken. integer current global season No
show_commissioner Show commissioner column in widget. integer 0 No
show_host_team Show host team. integer 1 No
dont_show_game_number Don't show game numer in column. integer 0 No
show_round_number Show round number. integer 0 No
referees How many referees to show enum(2,3) 3 No
region_id Region id can be provided integer Default all regions No
include_global_setting_for_active_season Include games from global setting of active season. If false, only active seasons set in league form are used. bool false No


Widget example

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