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Schedule generator can by found by picking in menu competition->competitions, then clicking on some groups and clicking "Schedule generator" button in toolbar.

There are several schedule generation scenarios. Scenrio is picked in first field of schedule generator form.

Fields common to all scenarios:

  • Competition keys - select o competition key, keys are entered in "Schedule templates".
  • Playoffs stage - assign playoff stage for all generated games.
  • Team for keys - assign team for keys of schedule templates. Key might be empty without assigning a team. Arena is filled automatically with team's default arena, but can be changed.



Team only

Generates only teams for games according to competition key.

Specific fields:

Game days(dates only)

Generates games for defined game days, e.g. "On mondays and fridays". Assuming that each team plays once per game day.

Specific fields:

Games days(with time)

Generates games for defined game days and times on those days, e.g. "On mondays at 18:00 and fridays at 19:00". Assuming that each team plays once per game day.

Specific fields:

Team preference

Generates games according to team preferences. In "Team contact" login team pick weekdays and times on those weekdays to play.

Specific fields:


Generates schedule for short tournamens. Generator creates games day-by-day starting from selected date.

Specific fields:

Expenses optimized

Similar to "Tournament" but lets to add game durations and dates to play.

Specific fields:

Arena availability

Generates games according time available in arenas. Arena availability can be set in "Arenas".

Specific fields:

When clicked on "Generate" button, schedule is generated and Schedule review interface is shown.

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