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This interface is shown when clicked on season in competition tree. It contains several tabs:


Season information

Edit information about season. Fields:

  • Use player totals only - enables feature to enter player season totals. This feature is needed only if separate game statistics are not colected. After enabling this feature, button to enter player season totals appears in Team edit form.
  • Include DNP games in player statistics - when checked: if a player is registered in boxscore but did not play any time in game, this game is included to player statistics as played anyway, otherwise, if player has no time in game, the game is not included to player statistics. This
  • Minimum of games to appear is player statistics - this effects Player statistics widget and Leaders widget.
  • Period type - set period type for games (quarters or halves), this refelects in widgets and boxscore form. Halves can be used in older seasons.
  • Hide results for team contacts - game results are hidden for team contact role, also are not shown in widgets.


Teams must be added to season before adding them to groups and creating games. This tab shows list of teams assigned to season.


  • Add - add new teams to season. Shows "Add teams to season" interface.
  • Delete - remove team from season. Avoid removing teams during season, when they are put back, roster will have to be reentered.
  • Import - copy teams from other leagues or seasons. It shows "Copy teams to season" interface.


Statistical rules

Reserved dates

Possibilty to assign dates when games cannot be played in the league. Those dates are also passed to Schedule generator as unavailabilities.

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