Short standings widget


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Widget name:

Name Description Values Default Required
show_wl Show W/L column 0/1 1 0
show_games Show games column 0/1 0 0
show_short_team_names Show short team names in table instead of long 0/1 0 0
show_points Show standings points column. 0/1 1 0
show_points_scored Show points scored by the teams 0/1 0 0
compact_mode Groups are selected from combo-box when compact mode is on, when it is of, they are all shown. 0/1 1 No
hide_groups_with_all_teams If group contains all season teams - do not show it 0/1 0 No
wl_in_separate_columns Put wins and losses to separate columns 0/1 0 No

Usage example

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