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Description of software

SmartStats TV Graphics is a software which reads SmartStats (software used by statistics operators to enter actions of a match) log file, transforms data in a way that is easier to parse for 3rd party applications, and outputs data in XML.

It is installed on scouters computer and have two sources of data - local log file, which is used for reading actions of current game, and our server, which outputs season data (standings, season leaders). So, if Internet connection is lost at the arena, TV application still operates on local data.

TV software acts as a web server - it listens to incoming HTTP requests from mobile broadcasting vehicle (TV side) and returns data that it was asked for. This means that hardware at your side should 'see' scouters computer in a network (preferably LAN) and firewall on scouters computer should allow incoming HTTP requests (or be disabled). This IT infrastructure should be ensured by technical persons from the league.

This software needs .NET framework 3.5 runtime libraries (freely available).

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