Sort competitions in competiton selector widget


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It is possible to sort competitions in League selector widget, e.g. to make mens first league as first selection option in this widget. In the widget age groups are sorted first, then competitions can be sorted inside the age groups. To sort age groups:

  1. login as super admin,
  2. select from main menu Content->Age groups,
  3. use "up"/"down" buttons in toolbar to lower or highten priority of the age group.


To sort leagues inside age group:

  1. login as super admin, or any other user which has access to competition tree,
  2. click on league which sort order you want to change,
  3. type in the sort index value to "Sort index (0-255)" field. The lower the index the higher league is displayed in League selector widget. If the league index is not set it is sorted by alphabet.


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