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Toobar actions


When some team is selected in list this action shows form used to create new team. New team must be added to some season to enable more detailed information editing like roster, personnel.

Form elements:

  • Name - full name of the team.
  • Shortname - short name of the team used in more compact widgets like Short standings widget.
  • Nickname - when several teams have same, nickname is used to separate those teams when working with BasketHotel, nick names are shown in teams list, when adding teams to competitions.
  • Club - assign new team for club, City and Arena are automaticaly filled in with club's city and arena. Can be set in club form.
  • City - team city.
  • Arena - team arena, used when creating new games, generating schedule.
  • Twin team - used in schedule generating and game editing to make sure that team and twin team would not play at the same time need to specify more aqurately.
  • External ID - currently not used, might be some team id in integrating 3rd party system


Team edit form is shown.



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