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Tool is used to automaticaly find game times for the games which do not have them. This tool is asign arena availability.


  • Date from - start of date range where time must be found.
  • Date to - end of date range when time must be found.
  • Max team games per week - maxumum number of games for each team. This option is ignored when option "Spread games evenly across both dates" is selected.
  • Team can play more than one game per day - allow to generate times for one team on same day.
  • Spread games evenly across both dates - tries to spread games evenly in time period. Computes number of games to be played on week and tries to find availible time on week for them. If it is not selected, games are placed in nearest availible times in week according to "Max team games per week" rule.

The time generator can schedule games in team and club reserved arenas if in main club arena there is no available time on week.

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