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Live games

Team contact or statistics operator cannot see game list or can see incomplete list

Try to connect SmartStats with superadmin user if possible. If superadmin can see complete games, team contact or statistics operator user restrictions for Live games may apply. To check it:

  1. Go to Security->Users
  2. Edit user in question
  3. Switch to Team contact information tab
  4. If Can scout all Live Games checkbox is disabled, user can scout only games with his team as home team. Enable it if needed. Use this functionality with caution - if users can scout all Live Games, there is no restriction for them to connect to any game and transmit incorrect Live information to the Internet.

Team and player information

I've uploaded player photo but I cannot see it in widget

Possibly you have uplaoded the photo in team roster and team roster is related to particular season in particular league. So in other leagues this photo will not be visible. You need to upload photo to person form to make sure it is visible in all leagues.

Standings and statistics

Teams in standings tables have incorrect number of points

  1. Check standings configuration: go to Edit Group interface, Standings tab and check Points per win, Points per lose and Points per forfeit fields. They should contain amount of points awarded for win or lose. Usually (FIBA rules) 2 points are awarded for win, 1 point for lose, and 0 points for lose by forfeit.
  2. Check Custom Standings tab in the same Edit Group interface. Custom standings override automatically calculated ones - if these are enabled, standings are displayed exactly the same in widgets.
  3. Check Edit season interface, Custom standing modifiers in protocols checkbox. If this checkbox is enabled, standing points configuration is ignored and points must be set in Edit protocol form for each game. This is usually used for junior competitions, when teams can get bonus points for particular games, e.g. for using all the players in a team.

Games when player was in roster but did not play are included in statistics averages, while they shouldn't

  1. Go to Edit season form and uncheck Include DNP games in player statistics. If this checkbox is checked, such games are included in statistics. If this checkbox is unchecked, only games where player played at least one second are included.
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