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The form has several tabs:


Login information

Form elements:

  • Login - user name of the user.
  • Password - login password for user.
  • Roles - rolse assigned to user. Super admin can assign all roles to any user. Competition admins can assign referee/nominator/team contact roles for users.

Person information


Team contact attributes

  • Can scout all Live Games checkbox:
    • enabled - user can connect to and work with any game of any league
    • disabled - user is restricted to home games of his/her team

Nominator attributes

Referee attributes

  • Referee category - professional category of referee used when nominating referees.
  • Regions - regions where referee can be nominated.
  • Active for this season - referee can be nominated for games in current season.
  • Disable buying functionality - if checked, referee cannot see nominaton buying lists.

Competition administrator

  • Contact for statistics - mark competition admin as contact for statistics, this user will be shown in team contact interface as "Statistics contact"

Regional admin attributes

  • Region - competitions of this region will be shown for user.

Team statistics operator attributes

  • Teams assigned -
  • Can scout all Live Games - operator can scout all games that are live.
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