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What are they?

BasketHotel widget is a piece of HTML hosted on MBT servers and embeddable into third party websites using BasketHotel Widgets Javascript API.

General information about API

Required knowledge to implement widget

Knowledge of HTML and Javascript is needed for developer to implement widgets on the website.

Widget API code

To use Widgets API you must acquire Widgets API Code from MBT. Widgets API Code is a unique identifier provided for you to use full capabilities of BasketHotel widgets on your site. Widgets API Code example: 2042ea315309ac8e8be9dca1f86f449d3e207dd5

Programming using Widgets API

Widgets API is exposed as a set of Javascript classes and constants. Widgets API should work correctly using Internet Explorer 7.0, Firefox 3.0, Opera 9.52, Safari 3, Google Chrome 1.0. Widgets API does not include any third party libraries so it is safe to use with different Javascript libraries. To use Widgets API include code block below in head part of your webpage <script type="text/javascript" src="http://widgets.baskethotel.com/static/scripts/api/api.js"></script> <script type="text/javascript"> MBT.API.ApiId = "Your Widgets API code"; </script>

Setting season and league for widget

Most of the widgets require to have league or season to be set. It is done by passing season_id or league_id paramaters to widgets. If only league_id parameter is passed, default season is taken. If only season_id is passed, league_id is calculated automaticaly, this is possible because in BasketHotel all seasons are children of leagues, meaning "season 2010-2011" in "Mens league" and "season 2010-2011" in "Womens league" will completely differend season and will have differend ids. If both "season_id" and "league_id" will be passed to widget, one has to make sure, that season is a child for league set, otherwhise widget will throw an error.

All widgets

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